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Generate On-Demand Web Forms

Drag & Drop to Convert Any Form Into a Web Form

RForms™ web forms allow you to digitize any form easily and effectively. Simply upload a file and prepare it by dragging and dropping the input fields. Set dynamic rules, save it, get a link and use it literally anywhere.

Create Self-Service Fill & eSign Workflows

Deliver On-Demand Forms at the Click of a Link

Whatever your processes, accelerate them with RForms™ digitization. Choose your combination of single or multi-party filler/signer, pre-fill by one party with edit approval process by second party, first filler sign with next party edit and original signer reapproves, and more.

Embed Form Fill & Sign Anywhere

Embed Forms via Link or API Into Website or CRM

Distribute your forms for effective fill & eSign via email, webpages, intranets, customer and enterprise management platforms. Location, location, location.

Automate Bulk Form Fill & eSign Sends

Send Forms en Masse, Customized per Recipient

RForms™ services not only allow you to digitize and deliver on-demand forms en masse, but also empower you to customize the fill & sign experience by recipient.

Infuse Document Assembly with eSign Tags

Transform a Tagged Doc into an eSign-Ready Web Form

Save time by creating eSign ready documents using your document assembly and document builder automation programs with our library of eSign Tags. RForms™ technology uses a native AI parser to magically place input fields where tags are detected in your document. Creating a web form with RForms is as easy as one, two, three.

Why We Are Unique

RForms™ is the only global forms digitization service designed with affordable and flexible pricing that adapts to businesses from all industries, sizes and regions. We’re feature-rich, easy to use and friendlier to work with. Built on 20 years of leadership in e-security and e-compliance.

No-Code Digitization

Most web forms require from basic to advanced programming skills. We have developed RForms with an intuitive UI and drag-and-drop input fields so that virtually anyone can digitize and distribute their forms.

No-Hassle Formatting

Stop wrestling with formatting in Microsoft Word, or converting your forms using specialized PDF tools only to find that the layout has been ruined. Simply upload any document, in whichever format, and prepare it in no time with RForms.

Own Your Data

RForms not only makes it easier to digitize, distribute and fill out forms. It also makes it simple to work with your data once you have collected it. Forget about struggling with expensive PDF data extraction and mapping tools.

Friendlier Service, Affordable Pricing

Excellent technology is key, outstanding service is gold. Getting both in a single package is pure bliss. Our teams are more knowledgeable and friendlier to work with. That is why our customers rate us with 99% satisfaction scores and 5-star accolades. And our pricing model is built to adapt to your current and evolving business needs.

Our Customer Success Stories

Interior Savings Credit Union


We’re helping Interior Savings Credit Union in their mission to provide financial resources to their members, always in safest and securest ways.

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Mercury Insurance


We’re helping Mercury Insurance process claims faster, to instantly send money when you need it most.

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We’re helping Jungheinrich simplify logistics for their customers around the world by easing the heavy equipment leasing process.

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Our Platform Integrations



We’re helping Microsoft make Office better for your business.

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We’re helping Salesforce and its customers automate customer interactions to simplify business, compliance, and contracting.

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We’re helping Xerox and its clients securely send scanned documents, making it safe to reduce paper and save more forests.

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Our Technology Distributors

Ingram Micro Global

IT Provider

We’re working with Ingram Micro to help their partners bring feature-rich and affordability to local customers globally.

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SoftwareOne Global

IT Provider

We’re working with SoftwareOne to help procurement managers the world over acquire feature-rich plus affordable.

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Dell Global

IT Provider

We’re helping Dell achieve their mission of modernizing all things digital for their clients everywhere, enhancing their current offerings with elegant tools and innovation.

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Our Industry Advocates

The Florida Bar


We’re helping The Florida Bar educate and arm its members on the tech essentials for the modern lawyer.

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British Insurance Brokers’ Association


We’re helping British Insurance Brokers’ Association members optimize operations, insure faster, and protect client secrets.

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Association of Professional Compliance Consultants

Finance & Compliance

We’re helping the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants arm members with tech to modernize, while meeting the strictest compliance requirements.

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